Visualizing the Nanoscale
Scientists don’t really know what the atomic nano-world looks like, but making research progress requires representations, whether it’s in terms of balls and sticks, blobs, or terraces. dS adds a new dimension: it puts us in the picture.

Playing in the Nano-world
During a dS installation, you can literally step into, wander through, and play in the atomic nano-world. By fusing 3d imaging and rigorous molecular dynamics, dS transforms people into energy fields. As you move and interact with the molecular simulations, your energy fields trigger sounds and images. The net result is an ever-changing set of immersive real-time images and sounds: a unique, exciting experience, and a truly remarkable spectacle of art and science.

Internationally Recognized
dS has received international press attention, and toured at leading international arts and science venues, including: the Barbican (UK), the London 2012 Olympics, the World Science Festival 2013 (NYC), and the ZKM Center for Media & Technology (Germany). We have a continuing interest in working with venues to provide engaging content across science and the arts. Please contact us for more information about installing dS at your venue.