dS and Hidden Fields are the culmination of a range of incremental research and media activities by several different people to create an interwoven combination of science, graphics, algorithms, sound, movement, publicity, and communication. Owing to the project’s collaborative origins, it is difficult to exactly specify the contributions of any given person. The roles indicated below highlight each contributor’s specific expertise within the collaboration.

Dr. David Glowacki | Project Leader

Scientist, artist, author, and philosopher, Glowacki’s interests span science, digital art, and cultural theory. He’s responsible for dreaming up the entire dS project, including designing the algorithms that run it, and writing the first version of the dS code. As a Royal Society Research fellow at the University of Bristol, Glowacki’s scientific research straddles the boundary where physics meets chemistry – where classical effects are fading out and quantum effects are just kicking in. dS is motivated by his desire to reveal our connection to the beautiful and subtle microscopic world.

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Phill Tew | Visual Artist

Based in Bristol and with a degree in Fine Art/Contemporary Media from the Newport School of Art and Design, Phill is a blend of programmer and installation artist, leveraging skills gathered from an early age and honed in industry to create artworks that play with generative processing, physical modeling and creativity itself.

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Prof. Joseph Hyde | Composer

Joseph Hyde is a composer and sound artist. His work focuses on multimedia, dance, telepresence, and interactivity, where he is interested in musical ideas explored through visual media. As a Professor of Music at Bath Spa University, (UK) he teaches and supervises students in creative music and media technology. Since 2009 he has run a symposium called “Seeing Sound”.

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Lisa May Thomas | Lead Dancer

Lisa trained at Laban, and has since performed internationally with dance and theatre companies. Lisa is a lecturer for Dance/Theatre/Performance degree in Bristol, and regularly guest lectures at universities across the UK. Lisa has been supported as an artist by Picture This, Bristol Old Vic, Watershed Media Centre, Pervasive Media Studio, Dance South West, Swindon Dance, Theatre Bristol, the ICIA (University of Bath), Dartington and the British Council. Lisa is also an international award-winning film maker.

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Emma Harrie | Dancer

Emma is a London based dancer. She has a background in a diverse range of dance styles, but found her affinity in Contemporary dance whilst training at London Studio Centre, where she recently graduated in Theatre Dance. Emma has been part of Guerilla Dance project for over a year and has enjoyed working with many artists. She is interested in exploring new possibilities in dance. She is now excited to be part of danceroom Spectroscopy.

Dr. Tom Mitchell | Music Technologist

Tom Mitchell is a computer scientist, researcher and electronic musician lecturing computer music at the University of the West of England, Bristol. His interests cover many aspects of adaptive sound design and interactive music performance/composition.

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Tomomi Kosano | Dancer

Tomomi was born in Chiba prefecture, Japan, where she practiced music and classical dance from a young age. She came to the UK to study her BA in dance at Roehampton University, transitioning into contemporary styles. She later completed an MA in Performance Dance from MAP at the University of Chichester, and has since performed in several dance performances including the Olympic closing ceremony.


Miyako Asano | Dancer

Originally from Nagano, Japan, Miyako trained in classical dance at The Hakucho Ballet Academy before moving to Europe to graduate at Codarts Dance Academy in Rotterdam. During her residency in Rotterdam, Miyako worked with a wide range of choreographers, and began to specialize in more contemporary forms of movement.


Becca Rose | Design & Communication

Becca is an artist-maker-educator with a passion for community and the Arts. She started her career in Architecture, at the Bartlett, University College London, and then went on to study Art and Literature. Her artistic work sits at the intersection of hand-made crafts and screen-based technology, and explores education, interaction, and play.

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Contributors Past & Present:

lee malcome
Lee J Malcolm | Electronica Artist and Music Producer (since May 2010)

mike-ashfold copy
Mike Ashfold | Mentor (since Nov 2010)

Laura Kriefman
Laura Kriefman | Hidden Fields Choreographer (Feb 2012 – Jan 2014)

Paul Blakemore | Photographer (since Mar 2012)

Isabelle Cressy | Contemporary Dancer (Mar 2012 – May 2013)

Kathleen Downie | Contemporary Dancer (Mar 2012 – May 2013)

Kerry Trevaskis | Contemporary Dancer (Mar 2012 – May 2013)

Nathan Hughes | Film Director (since Jun 2012)

Jacob Parish | Director of Photography (since Jun 2012)

Simon McIntosh-Smith | High-Performance Computing Expert (since Jun 2012)

james price copy 2
James Price | High Performance Computing Programmer (since Jun 2012)

Mike O’Connor | High Performance Computing Programmer (since Jun 2013)

adam copy
Adam Laity | Director of Photography (since Jun 2013)

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 22.53.13
Laila Diallio | Hidden Fields Choreographic Consultant (since Aug 2013)